Port de Soller, Majorca
When you arrive at Majorca Palma airport apart from them being in a very busy location in the summer, what greets you first when you step off the plane is
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Grand Place in Brussels
I have been working remotely since 2009, taking travel photographs. I have worked remotely (digital nomad) all over Europe, which includes, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Helsinki, and Gibraltar. My first remote
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Gibraltar - The Rock
Welcome to The Rock, British style at the tip of Spain, if you are looking Britishness then you will find it in Gibraltar, from the moment you arrive in Gibraltar
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Saint Malo. France
Western France Guide It’s time for a return visit to the coast of western France but this time photographing French cuisine, its culture, and places of interest for tourism. The
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Bruges Xmas Market at night
Bruges – Medieval Centre The medieval centre of Bruges is remarkably well preserved and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Many of the medieval buildings in the ancient squares is
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