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Concarneau City Brittany


The walled town of Concarneau in the medieval Ville Close was the next stop; when you go through the main entrance, you will find many attractions, tourist shops, clothes shops, and restaurants, Concarneau port is also France’s third most important fishing port.

It was around the 4th century that monks, built a priory on the island then uninhabited, which is now the walled town of Concarneau as we know it today

The imposing walls encircling the town of Concarneau were built in the 14th and 15th centuries when it became a fortified town.  Du Guesclin was responsible for removing the English troops who were entrenched there.

The Ville Close de Concarneau was the location for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movie, so Diagon Alley is real with its ancient narrow streets and shops.


My travel photography all started in Helsinki, Helsinki is the capital of Finland, it is a very compact city and easy to explore on foot but it still has 47 hotels.

I arrived in November and the weather was good but in December Helsinki saw the worst winter in twenty years, unlike the UK nothing stopped, there was a coach run by Finnair that went from the train station to the Airport, it never failed to run.

Helsinki has two outstanding cathedrals, the Evangelical Lutheran cathedral to admire its stunning architecture in Senate Square and Uspenski Cathedral is the main cathedral of the Finnish Orthodox Church in the diocese of Helsinki, and it is claimed to be the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe.

Each Christmas Helsinki has a Xmas market with over 180 stalls, its the best Christmas market I have ever seen, my photograph of the blizzard at Christmas time taken from the Helsinki Christmas Fair.

When it came time to return to the UK, the snow was so bad, British Airways stopped flying to Helsinki, so had to switch to Finnair I got home two days before Christmas.

Winter in old church park


Port de Soller, Majorca
Mont St Michel at Dawn
city view with Belfry tower and famous canal in Bruges, Belgium

Majorca Travel Guide

My favourite photography destination is Porto De Alcudia which backs onto the beautiful Playa de Muro beach where you bath warm waters of the Mediterranean which is very clean and very shallow or just stroll long the beach which is three miles long to C’an Picafort which used to be small fishing village but now is a very popular holiday destination.

Western France Travel Guide

It’s time for a return visit to the coast of western France but this time photographing French cuisine, it’s culture, and places of interest for tourism. The trip started in September when we arrived at Saint Malo, The city was founded in the 12th century on a close rocky island. It is worth exploring the many shops and cafes inside the city walls


Bruges Travel Guide

The medieval centre of Bruges is remarkably well preserved and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Many of the medieval buildings in the ancient squares is a very popular tourist destination, so you need to plan your visit to avoid the tourists. Bruges is a heavyweight sightseeing destination, you can walk along a canal and explore the city,

Digital Nomads

I have been working remotely since 2009,  as a travel photographer. I have worked remotely (digital nomad) on travel assignments in Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Helsinki, and Gibraltar.

My first remote working travel assignment was in Helsinki, when I was in Helsinki, they had the worst winter in 20 years, Helsinki has two outstanding cathedrals, the Evangelical Lutheran cathedral with its stunning architecture, it is located in Senate Square and the Red brick Uspenski Cathedral with green domes and golden crosses

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral in summer
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