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Refining the company’s brand for tourism in 2022 will appeal to today’s customers looking for new holidays and adventures in 2022, building a unique brand marketing for your business will lead to sales. Building your image and brand through photography is the best way to do this. Entice potential customers through appealing content that will showcase your business and products in all their glory.

Photography for travel and tourism, is about using the right images that will set your company apart. You simply cannot sell your destination or experience without the right photography. Using professional travel photographs will help to sell your brand, these photographs will create a virtual tour of a destination.

Travel photography is about creating images that make your customers want to travel to a destination or to use a certain airline, or travel company.

Young Women in holday in Soller Majorca
The airport terminal in departure, a beautiful lady waiting to board the flight

The phrase “the new normal” has become a bit of a cliché during the pandemic. What is normal today may not be normal next week, or even tomorrow, as the world slowly starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The travel and tourism industry is no exception. While the global uncertainty makes predictions difficult, a few trends are sure to impact tour companies in 2022. Each one contains opportunities for tour companies to adapt to meet the changing needs and demands of travelers, and adjust to ever changing regulations, health protocols, and other effects of the pandemic on the global travel industry. Here are some to keep an eye on.

New travel trends during the pandemic include the increase of remote workers looking for safe destinations to work. This has led to Digital Nomad Visas being offered by countries for remote workers.While this group used to include mostly young “digital nomads,” the growth of online collaboration tools, cloud computing, video conferencing, and other digital innovations enables more people to work from almost anywhere. During the pandemic, these tools have become ubiquitous, and companies are now more able to offer flexibility for remote working to some employees. This creates an opportunity to create “workcation” experiences for people who have the means and ability to work remotely.

Young digital nomad at international airport, taking har passport and boarding pass ready for boarding and flying to a safe destination

Look at alternative travel destinations

With the recent concerns in iconic locations in Europe that have too many tourists, it’s is time to photograph regions and locations that are not so well known but would attract visitors, my travel photography over the years has been taken in the outstanding locations below, it is time re-visit these locations and inspire visitors to visit these locations.

Gibraltar Rock
lavendar fields in provence
Phare du petit minou in Plouzane, Brittany, France

Gibraltar and Andalucia

Lavendar fields in Provence



Port de Soller, Majorca
Mont St Michel at Dawn
city view with Belfry tower and famous canal in Bruges, Belgium

Majorca Travel Guide

My favourite photography destination is Porto De Alcudia which backs onto the beautiful Playa de Muro beach where you bath warm waters of the Mediterranean which is very clean and very shallow or just stroll long the beach which is three miles long to C’an Picafort which used to be small fishing village but now is a very popular holiday destination.

Western France Travel Guide

It’s time for a return visit to the coast of western France but this time photographing French cuisine, it’s culture, and places of interest for tourism. The trip started in September when we arrived at Saint Malo, The city was founded in the 12th century on a close rocky island. It is worth exploring the many shops and cafes inside the city walls


Bruges Travel Guide

The medieval centre of Bruges is remarkably well preserved and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Many of the medieval buildings in the ancient squares is a very popular tourist destination, so you need to plan your visit to avoid the tourists. Bruges is a heavyweight sightseeing destination, you can walk along a canal and explore the city,

Digital Nomads

I have been working remotely since 2009,  as a travel photographer. I have worked remotely (digital nomad) on travel assignments in Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Helsinki, and Gibraltar.

My first remote working travel assignment was in Helsinki, when I was in Helsinki, they had the worst winter in 20 years, Helsinki has two outstanding cathedrals, the Evangelical Lutheran cathedral with its stunning architecture, it is located in Senate Square and the Redbrick Uspenski Cathedral with green domes and golden crosses




Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral in summer
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