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Majorca is my favorite photography travel location, so join me and learn how to enjoy this beautiful island, for me the best way to enjoy your holidays is to book a Villa. In my many visits to Majorca, I have learned that Villas give your more flexibility to enjoy your holiday.

When you arrive at Majorca Palma airport apart from them being in a very busy location in the summer, what greets you first when you step off the plane is the warm Mediterranean climate which says welcome to the holiday island, I then pick up bags and head to the north of Majorca to your Villa.

My favorite photography destination is Alcudia which backs onto the beautiful Playa de Muro beach where you can bath warm waters of the Mediterranean, which is very clean and very shallow, and stroll along the beach, which is three miles long to C’an Picafort, which used to be a small fishing village but now is a very popular holiday destination.


Ca'n Leon

Places to Stay

I have been coming to Majorca / Mallorca since 2000, and I have always based myself in the north of the Island near Alcudia, in my earlier travels I use to stay in an apartment hotel called the Alcudia Pins
In 2000 there was no air conditioning in the hotel, this was introduced in 2002, but when I visit Majorca now I stay in a Villa, as Alcudia Pins now only offers family holidays and the restaurant now only serves pizzas, but there is really good beach bar very close by that has a very good range of Mediterranean cuisine
Sky Tours was the original tour operator for Alcudia Pinns but they were taken over by Thomas Cook, my experience with Thomas Cook was not good, this included an eight-hour delay at Gatwick and a three-hour delay coming back to the UK, this is why I moved to booking Villas for my visits to Majorca

Explore Majorca

Majorca is an island of contrasts from Valldemosa in the Tramuntana Mountain range, the 13th-century monastery in Valldemosa has links to the Polish composer Frederic Chopin, Iconic locations like Soller, Alcúdia, and Castell de Bellver are on the coast. Cap de Formentor, Cathedral de Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca.

Very close by is Alcudia Town, with its town wall dating back to the fourteenth century. Its history, architecture, and culture, having been part of the Byzantine Empire, Moorish Islam Empire, and in many towns like Pollenca, the Christian churches and monasteries have influences from the Knights of Malta and many other faiths

Calvari Steps, Pollenca
Pine Walk Porto De Pollenca

Port de Pollenca beach

Port de Pollenca beach in Majorca is located in the north 10 km north of Alcudia, Port de Pollenca beach is nearly 1.5 km long, sandy beach that curves around the port and is surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains,  so this natural landscape adds a special quality to this beach. Port de Pollenca beach is a Blue Flag Beach.

In Port de Pollenca beach you will find plenty of options where to eat or to have a drink. From easy burgers and fries to paellas, grilled fish.

The Pine Walk in Port de Pollenca is a walkway that stretches for just over two miles, along Puerto Pollensa’s coastline. It gets its name from the pine trees that line the opposite side of the walkway, providing the perfect shade from the sunshine during the day

Old Soller Town

On the north of Majorca in Old Soller town is the Orange Express, which is built in 1911 and goes through the Tramuntana mountains to Palma; the Orange Express runs from Soller railway station; there is also a tram to Port De Soller built in 1913, it seems every time I visit Majorca, I end up photographing this remarkable train and tram.

On the 4th of October of 1913 Mallorca’s first electric tram line was inaugurated, running between Sóller and the Port of Sóller. The construction of the Sóller tram began after the inauguration of the Palma to Sóller railway line. One outstanding feature is the iron bridge over the Torrent Major

The orange express was designed to take oranges and lemons to the Palma port for export, these days it a very popular tourist attraction.

Soller Tram in market square Soller
Cap De Formentor

Cape de Formentor

On the northern tip of Mallorca is the Cap de Formentor, where the top end of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range meets the Mediterranean. Cap de Formentor literally means ‘end of Formentor’ – the peninsula is northeast of the port of Pollença.

You can no longer drive to the Cap de Formentor you have to take a shuttle bus in order to visit the famous lighthouse and the wild rocky peninsula on Majorca’s north-east coast which has spectacular views, particularly from the lighthouse.


Cathedral La Seu

The Cathedral La Seu in Majorca is the most famous building and landmark of Palma, which was first built by King Jaume II in 1300. Over time, many expansions were made to the main façade, as well as renovations to the inner rooms, and it was not until the 19th century that the cathedral obtained its current appearance. La Seu is one of the largest and most important Gothic cathedrals

The Castell de Bellver (Bellver Castle) just outside of Palma is unique among Spanish castles in being entirely circular and is a well-preserved 14th-century royal fortress with fragrant pine woods, and an interesting museum, and superb views over Palma Bay.

Join me in Majorca and recover from the coronavirus pandemic, hopefully by the summer is will be under control, stay safe and well, and get a suntan.

Palma Cathedral Seu Seo of Mallorca
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