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A growing number of travelers are choosing the digital nomad lifestyle, want to integrate into the local community and want their journeys to be less invasive and more beneficial to the local community. They want to understand the culture of the people they meet in the places they visit. Visitors should be mindful that we are entering a place that is someone else’s home

Rawai beach in Phuket island Thialand scaled

To ensure that you travel responsibly if you have to fly use budget airlines or charters, they carry more people so that the emissions per passenger are lower, alternatively use trains or other public transport to reduce the negative impact of tourism on a destination and the people. It’s clear that sustainable travel will have a positive impact on destinations, but in some countries, you may have to use alternative travel arrangements, when I was in Madagascar I had to hire a driver to enable me to get around the island

Before you travel do some pre-travel research to find the best way to get to your destination, and find local accommodation rather than big hotels, this better for you as you have your own space and less impact on the local economy, also shop at locally-run businesses. Being a responsible traveler making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit, tourists must take responsibility and take action to make sure that tourism is more sustainable.

Rethymnon with old lighthouse and fishing boats, Crete island

Digital Nomad working in Greek Islands

At the end of 2020, Greece’s Parliament passed a new law that caught the attention of digital nomads from every corner of the planet. As a matter of fact, this new law allows digital nomads to reduce their income tax by half, thus putting Greece among the most favorable places for digital nomads to live.

In terms of what that the country has to offer, these are some of the pros you will find when deciding if Greece can become your next base as a digital nomad; they are both related to the general quality of life and work conditions:

If you’re looking for a party kind of place with lots of international visitors, then Mykonos is probably your best bet these days in Greece. However the high costs there make it somewhere you may prefer just to visit rather than live and Corfu might be a better bet for nomads seeking nightlife and that “holiday” atmosphere, as well as slightly more reasonable living costs.

Digital Nomad in Europe

If you love traveling, then being a digital nomad is a fantastic opportunity and experience for those who want the benefits of the lifestyle. One benefit is traveling to warm locations all year round, and living costs are affordable. So, If you plan well and are passionate about this lifestyle, then you stand a good chance of making this lifestyle work for you.

Today, we’re going to have a look at the cheapest places to live in Europe. If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker just starting out and not making a huge income yet, you may want to consider some of these destinations, which will help keep your living costs to the very minimum while you find your feet.

Digital nomadism is no longer widely viewed as a fringe or alternative lifestyle, as might have been the case a decade ago. However it would be a stretch to say it has fully gone mainstream.

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