Landscape Photography Workshops – Learn, Shoot, and Improve


landscape photography
landscape photography
landscape photography

Our Cornwall landscape photography workshops are designed for beginner and intermediate photographers. Enhance your photography skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Our friendly workshops enhance your skills in composition, camera technique, lighting, filters, exposure, depth of field, focusing, and more.

Enhance your skills in composition, camera technique, lighting, and more. Join us for immersive landscape photography workshops. Perfect for both beginners and experienced photographers, enhance your photography skills with our fun and flexible landscape photography workshops. Our creative workshops to unlock your photography potential and discover the best angles for breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. Perfect for aspiring photographers.

Enhance your photography skills with hands-on workshops, scouting techniques, and expert tips. Perfect for photographers seeking stunning landscape and seascape shots.


Landscape Photography on the Jurassic coast

The Jurassic coast is one of the most stunning, varied, and awe-inspiring stretches of coastline to be found anywhere in England. From perfect, crescent-shaped bays, rocky coves, boulder-strewn inlets, and towering cliff faces, the Dorset coast is a photographer’s dream. Peter researches the location for all workshops and produces an itinerary for the workshop participants. The workshop covers only part of the 95-mile-long Coast on the UNESCO World Heritage Site from Studland Bay through to the Isle of Portland

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