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Family Photography

Family portraits are great way of capturing you and your family in an informal setting where you can really be yourselves. Whether you want to take photos that include multiple generations of family members to pass down to your kids, or capture a fleeting moment in time when your children are very young, family portraits help you document your growing family and provide cherished memories.

We also believe in outdoor family portraits so that we can use the natural light to capture great photographs of your family. If the photo shoot is to take place outdoors, we will plan the shooting time around the best time of day for using natural light so your photos won't be over lit or in shadow.

Family Portrait Photography

Event Photography

Our event photography covers a variety of events. We have experience working in a range of environments, from classical music festivals to advertising events. Our most featured event is the Disney challenge at the Bournemouth Air Show.

Our event services are designed to suit any event or occasion. We provide general coverage, snapping images of event attendees and organisers and making sure that the event's most important displays or competitions are documented.

Disney XD Winneron Bournemouth Beach

Residential Photography

Residential photography helps promote the atmosphere of any residential property. Taking just the right photos of an interior space tells a story about the establishment and can entice potential customers or renters to find out more about the space. Getting quality photography is key, however – poorly lit photos or images that are not of good quality do not add value to the property’s reputation. Good interior photography is focused on the right lighting and proper arrangements.

Interior photography