Man 'O' War Bay Dorset


Peter's childhood was in the Northumberland in the north east of England, a county which is very rural and he learnt at a very early age to love the countryside, the superb coastline, this was the beginning of his love of landscape and seascape scenery photography, he has always had a film camera from his early teens and made the move to Nikon DSLR digital cameras in 2004, which he used until 2018 and he has just moved to the Fujifilm X-T2 Camera 24.3MP 

Peter’s Photography Workshops

Peter conducts photography workshops at amazing locations, where learners train on landscape photography and are meant for those who have a fundamental knowledge of photography.

Peter has travelled widely in England and Scotland and has conducted workshops at Dorset County, an excellent location in South West England. This special workshop in the County of Dorset which has exceptional features due to its long history from the Neolithic past, his latest workshop is in his home county of Northumberland. so take look at my Northumberland Landscape Photography Workshop

He inspired his pupils at the Jurassic Coast Photography workshop to capture some exquisite shots of the coast in high and low tides that revealed mind-blowing coastal fossil structures. He researches the locale for workshops well in advance to inform participants. The unique workshop at the 95-mile-long Coast left the participants spellbound where night photography was a special feature, meant for trained professionals.