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Photography is a skill where one creates magic through the lens. Photographs last generations capturing some of the most cherished moments of our lives. Becoming a professional photographer with sophisticated knowledge is a challenge.

Characteristics of a Professional Photography Trainer:

To be a Photography trainer, one needs extensive knowledge, deep understanding, and tremendous experience. S/He should be adept at handling the camera and be a continuous learner of modern technology able to integrate it in their professional lives, constantly upgrading their skills.

At Pete Stephenson Photography, you get all in one go!

Peter has been a professional, versatile photographer and trainer for years now, fascinated by the art from childhood with accomplishments in almost every aspect of it.

His calibre as vacation photographer has enabled his guests to create lasting memories for themselves at fascinating environments. He not only shoots them as a tour guide but also leaves them enthused during holidays.

Peter is a gifted Personal Holiday Photographer with a genuine interest in his profession. As a travel photographer, his portfolio includes a comprehensive tour of the locale and choosing exclusive locations to shoot. His travels to find interesting locations brings many tourists to the stunning settings he takes them to. He has developed a proficiency in shooting architecture as a travel photographer at England and Europe.

Pete is also a talented professional personal photographer and specialises in shooting for profiles for all occasions in one’s life, where capturing moods and emotions are important.

Peter’s Photography Workshops

Peter conducts photography workshops at amazing locations, where learners train on landscape photography and is meant for those who have a fundamental knowledge of photography.

Peter has travelled widely in England and Scotland and has conducted workshops at Dorset County, an excellent location in South West England. This special workshop at the ceremonial County of Dorset has exceptional features due to its long history from the Neolithic past.

He inspired his pupils at the Jurassic Coast Photography workshop to capture some exquisite shots of the coast in high and low tides that revealed mind-blowing coastal fossil structures. He researches the locale for workshops well in advance to inform participants. The unique workshop at the 95-mile-long Coast left the participants spellbound where night photography was a special feature, meant for trained professionals.