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Personal Photography and Travel Photography

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Personal Photography and Travel Photography

Vacation time is approaching and soon schools will be closed! Parents would like to bask in the Sun and enjoy a much-needed vacation with their families. Moreover, here is the best time to visit UK and Europe as the weather is favourable and the shores of England are waiting for guests of all ethnicity.

It is best to hire personal photographers for your journeys as one can be hands-free while enjoying your surroundings. It is the time of the year when you will have reasons to celebrate! Life’s memories are precious and need to be preserved. Get your pictures clicked for posterity!

Pete Stephenson is here to help you!

If you plan on travelling anywhere to Dorset, Pete Stephenson gives you the best shots as a vacation photographer Dorset! Peter has been an avid travel photographer Dorset and has worked with innumerable clients from all over the world.

If you plan to hire a personal photographer Dorset, then Peter is a specialised personal Holiday photographer as well as a Personal vacation photographer too.

Peter specialises as a Personal Holiday Photographer Dorset for holidaying tourists and locals. He understands his clients’ needs and knows the best backdrops for the shoots. It is undoubtedly a ‘double whammy’ if you work with him.

Travel Photographer:

When you hire a personal photographer Dorset such as Pete, he gives you a comprehensive virtual tour of the location and the historic places to shoot; that prepares you mentally about what to expect. When you are hiring Peter as a Personal vacation photographer, he lets you know the exact spots from where you can get your best shots. He will also show you some hidden unexplored, old buildings which many may not be able to find!

As a personal vacation photographer Dorset, he has a keen eye for details that will reflect in the shots as he is not only a vacation photographer but a trainer too, having conducted a number of workshops in Dorset. As a personal Holiday Photographer, he understands your personal preferences and is capable of adjusting the program according to your taste. If you want to hire personal holiday photographer Dorset, there’s none better than Pete as he knows the place like the palm of his hand!

He has travelled throughout Spain and is a Mallorca Travel photographer too. As tourists from colder regions prefer warmer sands, Perte can be hired as a Mallorca Travel Photographer Dorset. He can be the best Mallorca Personal Photographer owing to his keen eye for details and making the grandest use of the locales.

Peter, as Mallorca personal photographer can take you to the historic spots such as Palma Cathedral, Bellvar Castle, and the underground caves of Cueves Del Drach, the famous underground caves of Spain. If you are interested in hiking the canyon, shooting at Torrente De Pareis, hire Peter to be your travel photographer and vacation photographer. These are locations where one can be easily lost not knowing how and where to go!

For further details or bookings contact Peter on 07496 587685 or email