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Jurassic Coast Photography Tour

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Jurassic Coast Photography Tour

Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site, has a stunning coastline from Old Harry Rocks (Dorset) to Orcombe Point (East Devon). There are fossils, landslides, cliffs, and beaches of immense beauty and information. This stunning diversity in the landscape makes the area a piece of a natural marvel fit to explore in detail.

Apart from traveling, the area is a heaven for people who are interested in photography. The photographer in you is bound to spring out just to capture the enthralling landscapes and the mesmeric seascapes. Therefore, Jurassic Coast Photography is a major attraction here.

Pete Stephenson conducts photography tour for Jurassic Coast keeping in mind the innumerable treasures the place has in store. He mainly works around Durdle Door and the very stunning surrounding areas so that you can capture all its beauty. The main attraction of the Jurassic Coast Photography Tour Dorset is the prehistoric coastline the area surrounds. This creates a lot of scope and variety for the Jurassic Coast Photography Workshops.

Jurassic Coast Photography Tour: Important points to learn

  • How to focus in Low Light?
  • Designing and composition of the shot
  • Shadow and highlight Recognition and tonal range
  • Calculation of the right measure of time, setting up and long exposure

Jurassic Coast Photography Tour: Opportunities

  • Abstract
  • Macro as well as Close-ups
  • Seascapes
  • Landscapes
  • Long Exposures

Jurassic Coast Photography Tour: Advantages

There are immense benefits for you in enrolling yourself in Jurassic Coast Photography Dorset.

  • There is no need for prior knowledge or experience in photography as you will be learning individually according to the level you are at
  • You will learn to recognize the right contrast, texture, lighting, and shape to form a great shot
  • Different techniques will be taught to you like using shallow depth of field, and long exposure, etc.
  • Pete himself will review each of your shots and will also help you to improve your photography playing to your ideas

If you are interested in Jurassic Coast photography, then Peter is there to help you learn the craft methodically, turning you into an experiienced photographer.

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