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Destination Photographer Dorset

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Destination Photographer Dorset

Capturing the scenic beauty of the world and freezing some of the stellar fleeting moments happening around in a picture has been the essence and goal of destination photographers.

Peter Stephenson has been a professional destination photographer Dorset specialized in landscape and travel photography for much of his life. He travels around exploring the world, uncovering its vivid secrets and recreates it through pictures and sweeping panoramas that display the intricacies of culture, architecture and essence of that destination.

Having worked around Dorset,UK and other European nations, Peter is a highly-skilled and tremendous destination photographer Dorset who is well experienced and proficient in the arena.

Scenic Wedding Photographs

More and more couples are now interested in tying the knot in destination or scenic places; a place for them to remember and reckon upon, a place that beholds a special value complementing their big day. One of the prerequisites considered when planning a Destination wedding, is to fixate on a destination wedding photographer Dorset who would not just capture the exquisiteness and splendour of the day but also the ambience of the place.

Peter Stephenson offers for some great destination wedding photography in Dorset and other regions around. The rich landscape diversity of the Dorset County has been home to several striking and breath-taking shots making it a common destination wedding site. With a destination wedding photographer Dorset at your side, there can be no place for error when it comes to your wedding pictures.

With his friendly approach and vivid knowledge in photography, you can be assured that your big day would be captured with utmost care and grace. You can have the perfect picture encompassing all your loved ones in a scenic location and cherish it for years to come.

Workshops and other services

There are exclusive workshops headed by Pete being held at Dorset and Cornwall where people who are interested in photography can learn the many essentials or infer expertise on how to sharpen their photography skills. Apart from serving as a destination wedding photographer, He also offers personal guide services for couples and families touring Majorca, Brussels, Brittany and Normandy