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My Photography

Peter’s childhood was in the Northumberland in the north east of England, a county which is very rural and he learnt at very early age to love the country side, the superb coastline, this was the beginning of his love of landscape and seascape scenery photography.

His latest challange has been shooting night, twilight and astrophotography using the NiSi Natural Night Filter which reduce the effects of light pollution.

Time for a Change

Peter made the move into full-time photography. In 2002, there times in your life where you are at the crossroads you need to move in a new direction. For Peter it was Helsinki, Peter has been to many great cities, but none of them has yet beaten Helsinki, this inspired Peter to improve my photography.

He made it his top priority to upgrade to professional camera to photograph Helsinki. This led him to purchase the Nikon 300S and a 55-300 zoom lens. Throughout his career, he has always used various Nikon DSLRs, but in 2016 I moved to Fujifilm XT-2 and then in 2018 to the XT-3.

Move to Fujifilm

Peter used his Nikon DSLR’s on his landscape photography workshops, it was on a workshop on the Isle of Portland when he first saw the Fujifilm XT2 being used, such vibrant colors, and high definition photographs, that is when he decided to move to Fujifilm, one plus side was the reduction in weight, moving from 3.5kg to 1.5kg even with the XT3 metal body.

All his photos are now taken digitally – as the landscape is always changing and each photograph is unique and never be repeated “moment in time”.


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